Brown Vegan Leather (Vibes)
Brown Vegan Leather (Vibes)

    Brown Vegan Leather (Vibes)

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      Our brown vegan leather grip is tech-savvy paired with simple sophistication.. 

      • Tailored For Him: Inspired by all things awesome, the nuckees Trends line uses 3D shapes, textures, patterns and more to make your phone pop with personality. 
      • Respect The Grip: Snug-Hug technology remains at the core of all nuckees, gripping you back, like a firm finger shake.
      • Hands of All Sizes: No matter how large or small your fingers and hands are, SnugHug™ expands to fit them perfectly, giving you more thumb freedom and saving your hand from cramps.
      • Better Viewing: nuckees act as a stand for easy media viewing and video chatting. Use it with your phones tablets and more of all sizes. Each grip has 4 fixed angling options to hold your device steady and upright.