Limited Edition Wild Collectible Binder
Limited Edition Wild Collectible Binder
Limited Edition Wild Collectible Binder

    Limited Edition Wild Collectible Binder


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      Unleash your wild side with the ultimate showcase: Hand crafted nuckees Wild Binder comes stores with 23 nuckees Wild and two bonus Wilds in packaging on inside flap.

      NOTE: All Wild nuckees are unique and vary in print. They may not reflect the Wild shown here. This does not apply to Wild Gels.

      • Rock Your Style: Whether you’re into subtle and cool or you prefer it loud and proud, there’s a perfect nuckees design for everyone. If we don’t have the right design, send us your ideas and we’ll print a custom grip for you!
      • Capture that Perfect Selfie: Get the best selfies from every angle, even upside-down. All you need are two fingers to make it work.
      • Hands of All Sizes: No matter how large or small your fingers and hands are, SnugHug™ expands to fit them perfectly, giving you more thumb freedom and saving your hand from cramps.
      • Dock Anywhere: nuckees act as a stand for easy media viewing and video chatting. Use it with your phones tablets and more of all sizes. Each grip has 4 fixed angling options to hold your device steady and upright as well as a built-in metal plate that makes magnetic mounting a breeze.
      • Love it Forever: Register your nuckees for a lifetime warranty. No matter the issue, we’ll replace it. Rest assured, we at Nuckees will do our very best to keep your nuckees snug around your fingers.

      Note: Each binder is specially hand crafted to display, store or gift nuckees and is not made for every use.