What is a nuckees?
Nuckees is the first grip that grips back. Featuring our patented Snug-Hug technology, nuckees gives your fingers a break, doing all the holding for you with its ultra-comfortable and secure fit.
No matter what size your hands and fingers, nuckees gives you the most custom hold out of any other grips on the market.  Nuckees also doubles as a 4-way kick-stand letting you watch videos and FaceTime with ease.

What is Snug-Hug Technology?
Snug-Hug technology is what makes nuckees hug your fingers. It’s expandable, allowing nuckees to do ALL the holding for you, fitting any size fingers snug and comfortably. Snug-Hug also automatically retracts when not in use, keeping your phone slim and nuckees out of the way.

Why won’t my nuckees stick to my phone?
For best results, wipe down the area with alcohol before use to get rid of any dirt and oil. Still not sticking? Certain silicone, textured and waterproof cases, as well as the iPhone 8/8Plus & iPhone X shells are resistant to nuckees adhesive due to their anti-fingerprint coating.

Solution: Apply the Extra Sticky Disc included in the package. When applied to the back of your nuckees, adhesive issues should be eliminated.

How do I remove nuckees from my phone?
Remove nuckees from your phone by peeling up slowly from one side of the base. Another option is to use something slim and sturdy like a credit card or even dental floss. Slide it under your nuckees base and it should peel off easily.

Keep in mind that your disc can be repositioned up to three times.


How do I customize a nuckees?
Our nuckees app makes it super easy and fun to customize your own nuckees.
Simply follow the steps provided and have fun.

Can I buy my design?
Absolutely! If you weren’t able to buy your custom nuckees, that would defeat the purpose of making it unique to you. After your design is complete, there will be an option to buy your design. Buy as many as you want!

What can I print on my nuckees grip?
Have fun and print pretty much anything you want, except licensed or obscene graphic images. If you place an order containing a licensed or obscene image, we will notify you that your order has been rejected and we will issue a refund. With that being said, let your imagination run wild.

Why wasn’t my custom nuckees grip approved?
If we determine the nuckees image violates licensing rights or standard rules & regulations, we will cancel the order. If you don't own the rights to the image you uploaded, we aren't allowed to print it, but we will give you a heads up via email.

Types of images rejected due to licensing:
NFL, Disney characters, Star Wars, SpongeBob SquarePants, Harry Potter, Spiderman etc...

NOTE: If you're unsure whether your image is licensed or not, please contact us at support@nuckees.com

I received my custom nuckees grip but it doesn't look like it did on my screen.
What can I do?
Just submit a request and we’ll be happy to try to resolve your issue if possible. Note: some very small details may be lost when printing due to resizing. Also, be sure to center your image exactly as it will be exactly how it prints.

What file type and size should I use?
Images must be at least 300 x 300 pixels to be uploaded and only in PNG or JPEG format.