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Nuckees Trends Ring Grip (118 Carats)

Nuckees Trends Ring Grip (118 Carats)

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  • Fashion-Forward Gripping: Inspired by all things awesome, the nuckees Trends Ring Grips line uses big and bold textures, chic patterns and more to make your phone pop with personality. Capture the best selfies with comfort and stability. All you need are two fingers to make it work.
  • Universal Phone Compatibility: nuckees Trends Ring Grips can be used on most phone models, including iPhones, Android smartphones, and almost any other portable device you want to grip with confidence.
  • Reusable Sticky Adhesive: Each Ring Grip features a sticky adhesive that grips securely to any flat surface. Just like with our classic Original nuckees™ Phone Grips, these sticky grips can be rinsed and wiped clean if dirty (and we even include an extra backing just in case).
  • Grip and Viewing Stand: Using a Ring Grip enables one-handed phone use and even single-handed texting on larger devices. Simply flip the ring outward and it can prop your phone up to a convenient new viewing angle.


The nuckees Trends Ring Grip is your best friend for keeping a grip on what matters with trendy sparkling style. Built with a sticky reusable adhesive backing, Ring Grips are compatible with a huge range of cell phones and can be used on almost any flat surface. Each metal ring can also be flipped out to serve as a kickstand for your phone, providing the perfect viewing angles for video chatting, streaming, and binge-watching comfortably. Take brilliant selfies with a grip that matches your personality and never trade hand cramps for great photos again!

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