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Silver Sunrise (Aroma)

Silver Sunrise (Aroma)

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Transform your phone into an aromatherapy diffuser.


• Fashion, Function and Fragrance: Inspired by all things scented nuckees introduces Aromas, the collection of phone grips and stands that diffuse your favorite essential oils. With beautifully laser cut patterns and designs, they are the ultimate in phone fashion, functionality and fragrance. 
• Classic Grip: nuckees Trends features the latest designs you want without compromising the classic grip you love. Snug-Hug technology remains at the core of all nuckees, giving you a perfectly customized grip every time.
• Capture that Perfect Selfie: Get the best selfies from every angle, even upside-down. All you need are two fingers to make it work. 
• Hands of All Sizes: No matter how large or small your fingers and hands are, SnugHug™ expands to fit them perfectly, giving you more thumb freedom and saving your hand from cramps.
• Better Viewing: nuckees act as a stand for easy media viewing and video chatting. Use it with your phones tablets and more of all sizes. Each grip has 4 fixed angling options to hold your device steady and upright.
• Aromatherapy Diffuser: Add 2-3 drops of your favorite essential oil and take the benefits of aromatherapy mobile. Each nuckees Aroma comes with a starter oil and an extra oil pad.

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